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bullet Tech
[17 Jul : 21:58]
Well, with S18 its been on the cards for a while... Sad but hey ho its life...
bullet Max
[13 Jul : 19:52]
Section 18 site is going down as well: Clicky Me
bullet VanPanza
[13 Jul : 16:05]
Good one max, but i see it pointless i know and i appreciate all u done for the webby, but continuing with renewals Domains for hardly anyone uses it anymore is pointless i hardly use xfire coz it crashes the game but am always in Facebook.
bullet Max
[10 Jul : 15:07]
I will do a full backup of this site just in case
bullet Max
[06 Jul : 13:24]
Happy birthday Dan!
bullet VanPanza
[08 Jun : 22:09]
I have a Mac now but only setup for me to work with photos and videos, my pirmary windows computer am going to format and leave only for gaming, my intentions are to only install and use it for games
bullet Max
[06 Jun : 23:57]
Hi Dan, are you playing anything, Battlefield Bad Comapny 2 maybe or BF3? I am willing to play anything, if you will invite me to Sweden when Russia attacks
bullet VanPanza
[31 May : 07:39]
Hey dan, so nice to see u still alive and kicking buddy, missing u loads
bullet dannelelle
[30 May : 20:52]
Hello girls, miss you too
Next 24 is 2/6, cant wait, one of the best series ever !
Dont play much my self, battlefiled dided after nr:2, but i miss you guys
bullet Max
[14 May : 19:51]
hi, I'm here every day. Watching mostly series, didn't played anything lately
bullet VanPanza
[14 May : 07:32]
Miss you buddy
bullet VanPanza
[14 May : 07:32]
Max, what's up? como estas?
bullet VanPanza
[09 May : 10:02]
Yeah, started watching it already couldnt wait lol
bullet Max
[07 May : 15:25]
24 started again: Clicky Me
bullet VanPanza
[14 Apr : 15:14]
Hehe same here tech
bullet Tech
[14 Apr : 09:37]
It is overly complicated now... some of it is not obvious... I know it now but when 1st started didn't have a clue how to use 'boosts' as it not clear...
bullet VanPanza
[08 Apr : 17:21]
ah ok now i see thanks
bullet Max
[08 Apr : 16:08]
from Battlelog choose unlocks, then press to this L85A2 weapon, then press to 2: Clicky Me then you will see requirements: Clicky Me
bullet VanPanza
[08 Apr : 09:45]
where did u see this?
bullet Max
[08 Apr : 06:21]
Get a kill with pistol in a round
Get a kill with 40mm grenade in a round
Get a kill with the defibrillator in a round
bullet VanPanza
[07 Apr : 18:17]
max what do i need to unlock this weapon ? L85A2 i have been playign china rising for a while to see if i get this unlock as its says china rising weapon, but i have been playing assault for almost a day killing like mad and i cant find progression to unlock this weapon? i think its the only one left i need on that class
bullet VanPanza
[06 Apr : 18:21]
max, signup and download this game we can play together its free and apparently its very good. Clicky Me
bullet Max
[06 Apr : 17:48]
QBZ-95-1 maybe? Just choose unlocks, then weapon you wanna unlock and you will see on the right side just under weapon picture Compete assignment To Valhalla (Campaign). If you press to it, you will see what you have to do to get this weapon: Clicky Me You have to play some single player campaign Valhalla to unlock this weapon. I don't have this weapon also because I didn't played single player yet
bullet VanPanza
[06 Apr : 14:24]
Can't remember the name of the weapon max, its annoying that its nothing like user friendly to know the progression just like bf2 stats use to be, i cant seem to find what do i need to get the next weapon unlocked, yes it says that for this weapon i need china rising for example but still doesnt show how many kills etc... i played this maps for a while despite i dont like just to get it unlocked and it never happens, also battelog is fucked cause the message system isnt working ?
bullet Max
[05 Apr : 20:54]
what do you want to unlock? Some weapons need Assignment completion, example Assault weapon Ace 23: you need obtain 50 Medkit Ribbons so start throwing medkits

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